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    Shandong Ningyang Yulong Steel Ball Co.,Ltd.
    Tyler Liu Manager
    ADD:Ningyang County,Taian, Shandong, China
    Tel: +86-538-5671578
    Fax: +86-538-5671668
    E-mail: tyler@ylsteelball.com
    Web: www.hengsike.com

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    Founded in 1996, Yulong Steel Ball Co., Ltd. is located in Ning Yang county in the middle ofShandong Province enjoying
    superiorlocation and convenient transportation. Its first factory was established in 1983 as the first Steel Ball Factory in
    Tai’an City. Through continuous and intensive development for over 30 years, our products sell all over the world.
             Our company is mainly engaged in: carbon steel balls, chrome steel balls (bearing steel balls),stainless steel balls,
    copper balls,aluminum balls, electroplated steel balls, steel balls in flying saucer, olive and satellite shapes, other mate
    -rials and special technical requirements of steel ball;Shot blasting products for metal parts, metal surface treatment
    equipment.Size:0.3mm—25.4mm; Grade:G10—G1000.Our company can also offer other supplies,including special
    shape steel balls according to the particular demands of customers. We have an annual production capacity of 9000MT,
    with the monthly yield of 1.0mm steel balls reaching 30MT. Our products are widely used in fields of Grinding material
    (Silver powder, aluminiumpaste, copper powder, gold powder, calcium carbonate, boron carbide,magnetic materials,
    coal water slurry, cement, cocoa powder, milk powder), electroplating, semiconductor, electronic components, military
    industry,hunting in the outdoors, hardware accessories, polishing, grinding, ball point pen,bearing,slide rail, guide sle-
    eve, guide rail, decoration, toys, instrumentation, car, motorcycles,bicycles, household electric appliance, chemical ind-
    ustry, machinery,etc. (Note: We market our own products and ensure the lowest price among the similar products of the
    same standards.)
             We have the self-support export and import right and have passed the certification of the ISO9001 quality management
    system. Besides owning domestic market, we also engaged in developing overseas market such as the USA, Japan,
    South Korea, Russia, India, Europe,America and Southeast Asia, and our products are popular at home and abroad. For
    -ging ahead by placing customers first, our company provides customers with excellent service.Our company has always
    been adhering to the " customer first, forge ahead" business concepts and the principle of “ customer foremost” the
    principle which is the foundation of high quality service.We invite friends from all walks of life to visit our company and look
    forward to cooperate with you!


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    Address:Shandong taian ningyang county town of ningyang LiGu Village (ningyang county industrial park, the eight immortals bridge)

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